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Dani Kristina

A screenshot of a CroatiaWeek article that discusses Dani Kristina (also known as Danijela Hajdinjak)

“Gambler” is an energetic disco-pop song inspired by the vintage synths of various influences, telling the story of a failed relationship when one person is more invested than the other. 

With the music video featuring TikTok star @katamogz (En Flique Creative), this song explores the risks of being “all in” to somebody without being aware of the risks. The music video was self-directed and edited by Dani Kristina, but she also worked with cinematographer Paul Persic to make the vision come to life. 

Taking place in a vintage casino, the symbolism of the lyrical story is shown through Dani Kristina and a girl playing blackjack, where the dealer represents the person they both have feelings for, and as the two “play” for him, he ultimately holds the cards that decides who wins." 

"This five-track EP [is] a way for her audience to see her multiple sides as an artist as well as the experiences she has gone through throughout her life, namely relationships platonic, romantic and those with strangers. "

A screenshot of a City News article that discusses Dani Kristina (also known as Danijela Hajdinjak)

"The captivating essence of her most recent single, "Habit," has us feeling the pulsating 808s as we enter the hypnotic trance she conveys. Thriving in a realm that contrasts upbeat tenors and mid-tempo dynamism, Dani Kristina's elusive timbres sculpt an intoxicating vivacity laced into the soundscape present.


Allowing us to conceptualize the deeper meaning behind "Habit," Dani Kristina makes it, so you're hanging on to each lyrical motif shed. 'Is it true that you moved out of this good for nothing little town?' is a prime example of the carefully crafted wedding that Dani Kristina uses to elevate her storytelling techniques to have us feasting on a sonic buffet of picturesque melodies.


With flashbacks of nostalgia that fill our hearts with longing, the emotion struck up in this record is rather undeniable. You find yourself sifting through a bank of moods, more potent than the last as "Habit" progresses."

A screenshot of a BuzzMusic article that discusses Dani Kristina (also known as Danijela Hajdinjak)
A screenshot of a News article that discusses Dani Kristina (also known as Danijela Hajdinjak)

"With soaring and beautifully controlled vocals, this song is a piano and string driven ballad that will leave you feeling empowered, ready to take the reins on your life and ready to love freely. It is a song that is perfect for anyone struggling to separate from a toxic entity- whether it be a past lover, friend, or even family member- to remind them that they are allowed to control their own destiny- even if it goes against the wishes of those around them."

"Award-winning singer-songwriter, Dani Kristina has recently released an elegant new music video for her powerful single, “One Night Stand,” which was self-directed and edited by Kristina herself. “One Night Stand” is a personal and heartfelt ballad, which features layers of strings, synths, drums, and passionate vocals. Dani masterfully plays with the dynamics to build and release tension throughout the track.

“It’s about a risky romantic experience that was cut short by borders closing, which reflects on how things may have progressed if things were different,” explained Dani. “It examines many ‘what ifs’ but as much as the song remains hopeful, it’s actually telling a sad story of someone who really falls for another person, but never gets to explore it fully.”

A screenshot of a Dropout Entertainment article that discusses Dani Kristina (also known as Danijela Hajdinjak)
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