Dani Kristina grew up in Mississauga, Ontario.


She started writing music at the age of five, experimenting with different sounds on the piano. She wrote her first composition, entitled "Thunder and Rain" and went on to perform it at her local music school. Shortly after, she wrote her second song "One Day" which ended up being the first song she recorded professionally at age seven, appearing on a collaborative record, Hello Mr. Rainbow. 


Since these two songs, Dani has written over 400 more and has grown to develop her vocal range and her writing style. She performs frequently at local venues and establishments as well as others in the United States and Europe. Most notably, Dani has performed at Mississauga's Celebration Square, Toronto's Cadillac Lounge, and the Wilson County Fair in Tennessee. No stranger to the stage, Dani's presence is captivating. 

As a classically trained mezzo-soprano and pianist, Dani's diverse musical roots allow her to experiment with complex harmonies within her songwriting, and her curiosity has led her to self-produce most of her music She frequently experiments with different genres and styles, fostering her unique sound as a singer/songwriter. Currently studying Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University, Dani continues to develop her performance and writing skills while staying true to her passions.


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