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"Flirting the line between country and pop, there’s echoes of artists like Taylor Swift here but Dani Kristina’s unique harmonies and heartfelt lyrics allow her to stand out and shine on these tracks.


While the lyrics are personal and seem to draw on past experiences, it’s the way these words harmoniously work against the instrumental backing tracks that make this such an enjoyable listen. The bridge on every track is easily the highlight and when everything is stripped back, Dani’s voice stands confidently in this soundscape."

"[Aura] features five tracks which fuse various genres in order to create a unique, cinematic sound you have to hear for yourself."

Dani Kristina Releases Debut EP “AURA”: Streaming

Dani Kristina Releases Debut EP “AURA”: 

Dani Kristina Releases Debut EP “AURA”: